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Blast to the past, with Sriranjani

Blast to the past, with Sriranjani

September 28, 2021

Sriranjani, is fondly known among Indian board gamers for Kavade, which is the name of a traditional Indian board game material in Kannada.   We all have played those nice little games using what is around us - stones, pebbles, chalks and drew stuff on the floor and still used strategy as a means to win.

Now in a very westernized world, where board games actually means manufacturing from ground up, Kavade stands as a very unique initiative which I am sure all Indian generations appreciate and love to play.

Sriranjani stands tall with her passion to retain Indian heritage and to be an Indian first to preserve and spread the culture our ancient kings once started.

They have a petite store in Bangalore, and merchandise is also available in for purchase. Do check it out.

Also listen to her beautiful narration in this podcast, and get to know her future plans and dreams which are so so unique!

I am sick of the same old Conquest & Slavery themes, says Zain. Find out more!

I am sick of the same old Conquest & Slavery themes, says Zain. Find out more!

September 19, 2021

A conversation with Zain, a legend, a visionary in the Indian board game space! An entrepreneur with Big, Hairy, Audacious goals!


Zain Memon (he/him) is a story-teller, media specialist, game designer and producer based out of Goa. He co-founded  Memesys Studios, a cutting-edge cinema and new media studio at the intersection of science, philosophy and culture. 


In 2019, Zain created SHASN - the award-winning political strategy board game, kickstarted by the largest ever Indian crowdfunding campaign. SHASN has since become a phenomenon in the tabletop subculture, with active player communities around the world.


Zain was an Executive Producer on OK Computer (Series // Disney), the Creative Producer for An Insignificant Man (Feature Documentary) and ran India’s first open-source film project for Ship of Theseus (Feature Film). He also introduced India to virtual reality with ElseVR, India’s first VR journalism platform. 


Zain is now designing and producing SHASN: AZADI - the highly anticipated sequel to SHASN. He is also leading the production for an entire slate of films, games, and episodic series at Memesys Studios. Zain is a regular speaker at international events, media-tech conventions and educational institutes. He is recognized as the leading Indian authority on game design and is actively driving the tabletop ecosystem in the region
Shaking up the gaming industry with Tacit Games!

Shaking up the gaming industry with Tacit Games!

September 2, 2021

In this episode, I speak with Kiran and Sindhu, the founders of tacit games. Now, if I were to publish games myself, then this would be it!! The games just ooze "Indian" theme to the core.  They have both puzzles and board games, they started with their previous venture puzzledesh and then matured into board games.

Their board games are mind blowing - Hampi which is an ever green favorite and then Bimba, which I cannot begin to explain how amazing it is. I will not spill all the beans here, just check out!

And show them some love and respect, buy games, share it with your friends and lets help them to spread more goodness.

The business of making Money and Board Games

The business of making Money and Board Games

August 26, 2021

In this episode, I speak about the learning one gets from playing some board games on money, entrepreneurship, real estate etc.

One of the classic ways in which teens and bachelors, early married couples can learn about wealth and how to build massive fortune is through board games.

These are real learnings & scenarios.  

What are these games? Listen to the podcast.

Dice Toy Labs Founder, Phalgun and I

Dice Toy Labs Founder, Phalgun and I

August 12, 2021

In this episode, I speak to Phalgun, one of the most passionate board game maker,curator, critic and evangelist of India.

We speak about his many games - , Indus, Chariots of Chandragupta, Namma Bengaluru, Startups & Beyond and more!

Phalgun is an extraordinary story teller. From the way he narrates his journey he can truly captivate the audience, and his board games are a reflection of the same.

Phalgun is a great ambassador for the Indian board games and is already conquering the world by reaching the Indian audience outside of the Indian waters too.  The board game industry has found a great leader in Phalgun!

Do give a listen to his witty answers to my Rapid fire round!

Podcast with Madhu of Mad4fungames

Podcast with Madhu of Mad4fungames

July 31, 2021

A saree in a board game?! Oh yes. Madhu Sundar recently launched Ettana, an amazing strategy game that takes users to the Indian tradition of weaving handmade looms and silk sarees.

Within weeks of launching, she got most western and Indian board game influencers, youtubers to not only play the game, but also rave about it. The game is pure aesthetics and class oozing out in every piece!

Listen to her talk about how she came with the idea, the challenges in launching a board game and how HER passion turned into a business idea!

One of the leading women pioneers of the Indian board game industry, Madhu did not fail to wow me in every word of what she shared! 

Do listen in to her inspiring journey and do buy ETTANA!

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